Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Searching for inspiration...

While trying to come up with an idea for my latest blog post (and having a serious case of writer's block at the same time!) I realized that my search for inspiration could pull double-duty. I started jotting down things that inspire me and here is some of what got me motivated to start writing:

  • The Hubs - This one is pretty obvious, he supports me in everything that I do and truly is my best friend. I have a habit of over-thinking things and more times than I can count, he has reminded me that sometimes by focusing on a few small things, the bigger picture becomes clearer.
  • Family and Friends - Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many interesting and caring people. Each of them has a unique perspective on life and when I sit back and think about it, any one of them could give me enough inspiration to write for days!

This list might not be very long, but it covers the things that are most important to me and it was all that I needed to get motivated! So who or what inspires you?


Friday, June 21, 2013

New Blogging Buddy

As I'm getting my feet wet in this whole blogging thing, I've managed to make some great connections with fellow bloggers that come from many different walks of life. Rachel from My Wholesome Home is one such blogger and I thought it would be nice to share her story.


Hey! My name is Rachel. I blog over at My Wholesome Home  (http://www.mywholesomehome.com) where I document my journey to a healthier body, mind, and spirit for my home and family. I also write about my daily life and being a military family.

The key to healthier body living for me came in January. My hubby and I watched Hungry for Change (http://www.hungryforchange.tv/), a documentary that talks about what is in the food we eat. We almost immediately switched to all organic foods. It's a bit spendier, but worth the flavor and health benefits. I post recipes every week and I'm loving trying old favorites with organic ingredients.

I am just beginning to like cooking, so using organic ingredients helps. The flavor makes each meal so much better! I find that I don't have to use as much milk, butter, salt, or pepper for seasonings because the food itself is so tasty.

My hubby is currently deployed, so, I'm taking the opportunity to try lots of new recipes and perfect them without his judgmental “eeeeew” and then refusing to try it again. (Which has definitely happened!) 

So that's me in a nutshell. Trying to live healthier and blogging about it. 


I really enjoy reading Rachel's blog and encourage you to check it out as well!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dreaming of Summer

The lack of sunshine and warm weather over the last few weeks has me desperately hoping that summer will arrive soon. To help pass the time until the season of cookouts and cocktails is finally here, I’ve been looking for some fun new recipes to try and came across these great ideas:

Chicken Burger Sliders
Electric Lemonade
Peach, Rhubarb & Ginger Crisp

Maybe if I whip a few of these up this weekend, Mother Nature will take notice and send some nicer weather my way :)