Sunday, November 4, 2012

Embracing the life you have...

Life. It starts, continues, and ends for each of us. But life as a whole goes on. And on. And on. 

Our moment in this world is but just a tiny spec of the history and future of life. We deal with hardships, and we get to celebrate accomplishments and the good times we have. Regardless of the cards we are dealt, we only get one life to live. That's it -- just ONE. 

we only get one

So how do you plan to spend your one life? 

I consider myself to be one blessed lady. I come from a great and supportive family. We had our struggles and challenge but we always got by. I have a wonderful group of friends that I consider to be as close and important as my own sisters. I met the man of my dreams and got to marry him. He is known as Hubs and I adore him. Our "child" is Jackson, our golden retriever who goes with us everywhere. Someday we'll have kids of our own, but for now, we are just enjoying the ride we're on. 

Life is complicated. It's messy, it's hard, and it's not always fair. But it's also beautiful. It's inspiring, challenging and wide open to however we choose to live it. So how do you choose to live it? How do you choose to live this one precious life that you have been granted?


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