Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving planning

I love Thanksgiving.... I love the fact that our family all gets together and shares delicious food, and that's ALL it is about. It's not about presents, it's not about having to rush around the mall and boutique stores trying to find that perfect gift. It's about being together with the ones you love. Period.

Ever year as Thanksgiving is upon us I always get so may great ideas to decorate the house because I absolutely looooove the fall decor that comes around Thanksgiving time! The colors are so warm -- all the red, yellow and orange hues -- are beautiful.

This year I am really trying to focus on my table settings around the house. There are so many great ways to dress up a table, not only the day of Thanksgiving, but for the whole month leading up to the holiday. I know for me personally, getting out holiday decorations in the beginning of that holiday's month always gets me in the mood for that holiday even more!

Here are some of my decor inspirations this year:

I love everything about this picture
I am LOVING banners this year! 

how great are these items?! 

How about all of you? What is your Thanksgiving inspiration this year?! 


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